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Sam Leone

Founder of Prime Reach Media

Hi, my name is Sam Leone and I’m the CEO of Prime Reach Media. Computers and technology have always been my thing. Ever since I was little I was always fascinated by technology and how it worked. With a passion for technology, I wanted to find a way to leverage my skills in order to help others. When I found digital marketing, I knew it was for me. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people grow their businesses with technology. Seeing how happy I make my clients when I bring them new business makes all the hard work worth it. Nothing would bring me more joy than helping you grow your business to its fullest potential. I urge you to get your free online presence audit today so we can get your business on a growth spurt.

About Prime Reach Media

Prime Reach Media is all about expanding your business by creating multiple unique social media marketing and advertising campaigns that will define your business as a leader in the industry. Using cutting-edge re-targeting tools we will brand potential customers with your product, service or message to create familiarity so they feel more comfortable buying from you. This is similar to what Coca-Cola does, showing you the same ads over and over. Why do you think Coca-Cola wins the taste test even though when the study is blind people choose Pepsi as the better tasting cola? It's all about branding.


Using Facebook Ads for beginners

Grab this free E-book as my gift to you so you can learn how to use Facebook advertising for your business.