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Identify 55+% Of Your Website Visitors By Name, Email, Phone & More

We have thousands of Pixels and cookies loaded on sites and tracking behaviors. When your prospect “Bob” visits your website, it triggers our Pixel to look in the pool of data we have and see if we know more about “Bob”. If we have contact information already on file and have verified that he is a real person (not a bot), then it will match him and provide you all his information directly in your CRM.

Reach Peak Sales & Marketing Efficiency

We provide the insights into where your best sales and marketing opportunities are. We provide this information in a form and format that will allow you to start a conversation with these opportunities, whether it's via email, phone, or social ad campaigns. All backed up by A.I. that will continuously improve the accuracy of these insights over time.

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Advertise To Your B2B Prospects Across The Web

By on-boarding your database of leads and prospects, we'll be able to return every email address for all of your leads and prospects. Taking these emails to social platforms will ensure you get a matched profile for each of your leads and prospects you're trying to reach. In other words, we'll connect business emails with personal emails to be used for social ad campaigns. Better yet, every click of your ads will resolve the identity of the person who clicked, turning every click into a lead.

Identify Customers Preparing To Jump Ship To Your Competitors

By onboarding your customer list, Web Identity will monitor the internet behavior of your current customers to identify when they are researching a competitor, and possibly preparing to leave your company for another. Identify possible ship jumpers so you can present a retention offer at the perfect time!

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