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Ready to buy leads

Cutting Edge Data-Driven Marketing That Your Competitors Don’t Even Know About…Yet.

You’re at a Stadium Full of People

But Only 30 Are READY TO HIRE you.

Most businesses are paying to market to the entire stadium.

Hoping that they reach a few potential clients.

But this can waste valuable time and money…

We know the PEOPLE who are ready to become a client right away!

So you can speak with them directly, before anyone else.

Introducing You To Your Next Clients…

What if you could pick out the EXACT PEOPLE from that stadium who were going to become a client...

And ONLY market to those people?

How much more EFFICIENT would that be?


You’d be able to:

- Show more ads to them than your competitors

- Execute intent based marketing on every single platform not just Adwords

- Be top of mind and the first choice when they pull the trigger.

- Gain an unfair advantage in your market and be the king of your mountain!

Our technology allows us to do just that.

We can identify via online behavior who is ready to become a client.

We can reach them anywhere, at any time, on any platform.

Our technology tracks online user behavior, and then goes back in time after a purchase to see what they did before they became a client.

Once we have a pattern of what they do before they become a client, we can find others who are exhibiting this exact buying behavior right now in your area, near your business.

Our system tracks 225 million USA-based internet users based on their URL and keyword behaviour.


Our AI powered prediction engine uses a regression algorithm to develop a conversion profile of your customers, leading to more accurate targeting as the AI learns more about your customers.


Gathering Billions of behavioral data points every day


What our system does with that data:

Using “Machine Learning” - It finds users who already became a client and “duplicates” their profile.

It PREDICTS who’s going to become a client in the future.
Based on the accuracy of those predictions, it continuously recalibrates itself to improve even more over time.

The result?

An audience and “behavior profile” of CLIENTS!

Lowest cost per lead!

Better leverage on your ad spend!

More qualified leads!

Exclusive leads that only you receive!

A competitive advantage that no one else can have in your area!

Freedom to use any ad channel!

Current Marketing Strategies Leave You Marketing to All Levels Of the Pyramid… now you can market to the people who matter!


This allows us to produce MORE PROFITABLE cleints for your business and give you a competitive advantage that no one else can have in your area


We have a strict one client per area policy.

We DO NOT allow two brokers to use the same data in the same area.

We're on a mission to turn one broker per area into the market leader with a competitive advantage exclusive to them.

We’re in the business of forming long term relationships that are very profitable for both parties. To do this, we only take on clients we know we can deliver for. We keep clients, and to achieve this we may refuse to take on your business if we feel you’re not the best fit for Ready To Buy Leads. Schedule a qualifying call now so we can learn more about your business, and see if we think you could be successful with our strategy.

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Over $135,596 spent on facebook ads

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